Apps Of The Week: Pocket Edition

Normally we line up a bunch of different applications for each of Apple’s platforms in our Apps Of The Week post, but this week one app has absolutely dominated the news cycle, top app charts, and my heart: Pocket. It’s available on all three platforms (iPad, iPhone, Mac), and it’s worthy of all three recommendations.

So, this week, we recommend heading to the App Store, downloading the iOS application (it’s universal and free), and then heading to, signing up for an account, and installing the Safari bookmarklet. The best way to experience this application is on all of your devices as you go about your day.

Pocket stores articles, images, and videos in a nice little package for retrevial at a later point, making it easy to find things you’ve bookmarked for later. It’s similar to Instapaper and Readability, but different enough that we have no problem recommending it to everyone. It’s minimal, but not at the expense of its great design, which isn’t something we can say about the competition.

Plus, Steve Streza, the lead platform developer at Pocket, is one of the coolest developers we know. You should follow him too. Seriously, you’ll learn a lot.

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