Apps Of The Week: Going, QuickReader, Eisenhower & Tiny Plane

I’m pretty sure the purpose of any app is to make our life easier or more fun. That said, this week we bring you a way to never miss a Facebook event, train your eyes to read faster, increase your productivity and focus with a strategy from former U.S. President Eisenhower and help a dog fly a plane. Woof.

The Mac: Going

Have you ever missed a friend’s party or a fun event because the invitation got lost on your Facebook? I know I have and it sucks, especially because I get really bad FOMO. (It’s a acronym us kids these days are using. It stands for “fear of missing out” and it’s a REAL thing!)

Oliver Bolton has created a solution, and to be honest, I’m surprised someone didn’t think of this app sooner. “Going'” is a 99 cent app that lets you manage your Facebook events right on your Mac.

Using the simple and clean interface, you can see all of your Facebook events at a glance and your RSVP (or lack thereof). Check out who is going without having to open your web browser and get quick access to event details right there. For event organizers, this will streamline your process by allowing you to print guest lists or export them to PDF. (Can you hear the bar promoters cheering somewhere?)

Best part? It integrates right into iCal. I also installed the menu bar app so it’s easy to access.

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One event that should DEFINITELY be on your calendar is the Macgasm TV InstaWalk happening in Ottawa on Saturday, September 22. We’ll be filming an episode of the show on location and all those that come out will be a part of it!

The iPad: QuickReader

Speed reading is a skill anyone would want, especially if you’re a college student or your job is heavy on the business reports. I remember when I was in University and how many readings didn’t get done (sorry Profs) because there just wasn’t enough time… or I opted to go out the night before. Just being honest!

QuickReader is going to teach you how to speed read and if you grab this app right now, they’re going to do it for free. According to the smart people over at Inkstone Software, you simply read along as the app guides you through the text and it will automatically train you to read faster.

I was really excited to try this app out; however, there is a catch. Only the LITE version is free. This means you’re limited to practicing your speed reading on the QuickReader User Guide or a book about American Author Kurt Vonnegut. You have the ability to browse through the collection of 2 million eBooks, but you have to buy the regular version of the app for $4.99 to get access to them. At that point I’m also assuming there’s a price per download. But with the cost of a home study speed reading course around $700, there is definite value in this and the flexibility of being able to practice on your iPad anywhere.

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The iPhone: Eisenhower

“What’s important is seldom urgent and what’s urgent is seldom important.”

That was said by Former U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower. Developers over at B264 are taking cues from him to help you with you time management via the Eisenhower Matrix. Watch the video above to get a better understanding if you’re not familiar.

Use this app to support you in prioritizing and getting your to-do list done based on urgency and importance, the four quadrant system created by Eisenhower. It works for both your business and personal activities together. Bring on the reduced stress and increased productivity!

Fill it out in the morning and start getting stuff done. I really like the “Focus Mode.” It’s a clock that counts backwards for 30 minutes and encourages you to work on one task and nothing else. Also, if you create an account, the app will automatically sync with the free web client on and vice versa. Productivity anywhere!

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Game Of The Week: Tiny Plane

You can be the canine Amelia Earhart in this $0.99 game app from Chillingo. (I’m not sure how Amelia would feel about that though.) This infinite, high-score game will have you battling yourself for the top spot by chasing down coins and fruit while avoiding missiles and mines on your behind. (Dr. Seuss ain’t got nothin’ on me.)

The graphics on this app are awesome and it’s just fun to play overall. While it took me a bit to finesse my moves to get the plane doing exactly what I wanted, once I had the hang of it, it was smooth sailing… uh, flying.

There are lots of obstacles to navigate around and items to collect, all the while watching your fuel levels and not crashing. Use the coins you collect to buy cooler planes, I’ve been saving up for the pink one. There’s even an economical plane that uses less gas. Prius of the air?

Tiny Plane will have your attention and, like me, maybe create a little bit of an addiction, in a good way, of course. Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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