Apple to “Talk iPhone” on October 4th

Apple has set the date for an iPhone-focused event: This October 4th, Tim Cook will get on the stage at the Apple Campus and will “Talk iPhone”. Even among the staunchest rumor-doubters (myself being one), there’s little question that this is the day the iPhone 5 is likely to arrive, along with iOS 5 and probably OS X 10.7.2 as well. It’s clearly going to be something pretty big, as Apple has even put a hold on any vacation days requested among retail store staff and pretty much got all hands on deck. The wild rumpus starts at 10 AM Pacific time.

To say that the iPhone 5 is hotly anticipated in the tech world is putting it mildly. Search engines have been burning up with queries for iPhone 5 news and the web has been bristling with attempts to eke out every little iota of information possible. As usual, however, Apple keeps a very tight lid on upcoming announcements (when they aren’t leaving their product prototype laying around in a bar, that is) and I think all will be revealed on Oct 4. The invitations to the event carried the tagline “Let’s Talk iPhone”, so that kinda sets the stage.

On another note, this will be Tim Cook’s first on-stage keynote as CEO of Apple. While an iPhone announcement would clearly be the big ticket item, eyes will be on Cook and (inevitably) comparing his stage presence to that of recently-stepped-down Steve Jobs. It’s likely that Apple will give Cook a huge bag of spectacular home-runs to take with him on his first major outing, thus making it easier for the public to accept both that Tim is every bit as capable as Steve and also that Apple can impress the pants off you even in the post-Jobs era.

Source: About 100 different Mac websites today

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