Apple takes 52 percent of mobile profits directly to the bank


Apple is currently sitting on approximately 52 percent of the handset industry’s profits last quarter. Michael Walkley, analyst for Canaccord Genuity, has issued a note to investors indicating that Apple, while down in market share slightly (5.4 percent to 4.2 percent), has managed to increase their profits during the quarter.

The iPhone’s success doesn’t end there either. According to the same report, Apple is also occupying AT&T, Sprint-Nextel, and Verizon Communications’ top spot on their internal top-seller lists with the iPhone 4S. Think that’s good news? Apple also hold the third place spot with the iPhone 4 at all the aforementioned companies as well. It looks like Apple’s iPhone 4S isn’t as big of a disappointment as the pundits may have led everyone to believe after all.

I’m sure we’ll hear some arguments about profit versus market share, and which analytic holds more importance in the upcoming days, but if you ask me, I’m going with money in the bank every single time.

Source: Barron’s