Apple supposedly pressuring developers not to advertise with white iPhones


It’s looking like Apple is cracking down on some developers not using the officially licensed iPhone images in the advertising of their apps.

Mike Arrington, PandoDaily:

Recently a startup I know was heavily pressured by Apple to change their iOS app marketing material. The problem? The app was shown with a white iPhone image on their website. That’s the first I’ve ever heard of Apple freaking out over the color of the iPhone skin in third party marketing materials. I asked a bunch of app developers if they’d ever heard about this, and none of these other developers had. And some prominent apps, like Flipboard and Path, use the white iPhone on their sites.

While we understand that Apple is worried about controlling their brand, the question still remains why they don’t explicitly allow developers to use any white iPhone imagery to advertise their app. With some restrictions, devs are licensed to use Apple-approved iPhone images to display their apps. Unfortunately, only black iPhones are among the approved in the license. As it stands now, there isn’t any known reason for this to be the case. Maybe they are still reeling from the embarrassment of not being able to ship the white iPhone 4 on time. Alternately, Apple may just like having a Vader-like grip on how their devices are used in marketing.

What do you think? Should Apple lighten up on their restrictions for developers? Sound off in the comment section of this post so we can hear from you. We’re curious to see if you all have any plausible theories.

Source: PandoDaily

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