Apple sold 1.5 million iPhone 4s already?

A lot of people were lining up yesterday for access to the iPhone 4, so it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to most that Apple managed to sell a ton of phones yesterday—approximately 1.5 million. There’s no real surprise here that Apple’s iPhone 4 is in demand, but what be a little bit more telling is whether the sales continue on this torrential pace after all the problems that were reported yesterday.

The iPhone 4 broke the one million mark in half the time it took the 3GS, but the 3GS phone never had discolored screens, connectivity issues, and proximity sensor problems. That’s a lot of problems for one device, and only time will tell if the general public is going to take their chances on the device.

To be fair, details have trickled in that the first two major problems listed above seem to both work themselves out. The discoloration issues seems to be disappearing with time, and the dropped calls are starting to be linked to shoddy 3G reception around the US—not exactly unheard of on the AT&T network.

As for the last problem, the proximity issues seem to be happening when people accidentally pull the phone away from their ear, and then touch the hangup button with their cheek. This one sounds like an easy software patch though, so I won’t be too worried about it just yet.

So what do you think? Will the iPhone 4 continue to sell as quickly as it did on launch day, or are these little problems going to start dissuading would be buyers from purchasing the phone? I know it’s got me second guessing myself.

Article Via TUAW

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