Apple slips up: iWork for the iPhone is obviously on the way

What’s missing for Apple’s mobile devices? What’s the one thing that you hear over and over again when non-techies talk about the iPhone and iPad pitfalls? Is it the lack of iWork on the iPhone; the lack of syncing work on both devices? That’s the number one thing I hear these days, and I have to say, these people have a very solid point.

While Keynote, Pages, and Numbers are all available currently on the iPad, they’re missing from the iPhone. Currently moving files from the device to a computer can be a bit of a pain natively, but it’s even more of a pain trying to get those files on your iPhone for editing and viewing. The fact that none of the iWork applications are available on the iPhone yet is a little bit surprising.  It might not be much longer until we see them, though.

Apple slipped up on their international websites and noted, in the Apple Care offerings section, under the “Software support included” section that “Using iWork for iPhone and other Apple-branded iPhone apps” was included in their support program.

This isn’t Apple’s first slip; back about a month ago, Apple introduced the iPhone 4 at WWDC, and there was a slide that also pointed out that users could open a file in “Keynote” on an iPhone.  Apple’s since fixed the graphic.

Hopefully the update comes sooner than later. Actually, while Apple’s at it, I’d like to see the rest of their branded applications ported to both the iPad and iPhone. It’s pretty annoying not being able to use the Remote application natively on my iPad. If you ask me, an iPad remote from Apple could really demonstrate the power of the iPad.

Article Via SlashGear

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