Apple Quickly Climbing The LTE Market Share Ladder

iPad Mini, iPhone 5 White & Black, iPad 3.
iPad Mini, iPhone 5 White & Black, iPad 3. Photo Credit: Sigalakos

It’s only been on the market for a couple of months, but Apple’s iPhone 5 is already beginning to catch up in the market share race with other phones on the market. New data from Strategy Analytics points out that Apple’s iPhone 5 has already captured 26.7 percent of the global LTE device market.

Of course, other LTE phones have been on the market for quite some time. Samsung obviously controls the largest stake, weighing in at 40 percent of LTE phones on the market, but they have seen market share drop from 50.9 percent during the last quarter. Other companies that have also had their share falter include Motorola and LG.

The iPhone 5 isn’t Apple’s first LTE device on the market either; the third-generation iPad also shipped with LTE capabilities. The new iPad mini has also shipped with an LTE version of the device.

Strategy Analytics guesstimates that approximately 50 million LTE devices are currently on the market. It’s an LTE world. Carriers better start rolling out more towers quickly.

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