Apple job posting hints Sprint to get iPhone, maybe

Is Apple readying another carrier launch for the iPhone? Yesterday TUAW noted that Apple posted a job description recently for a Carrier Engineer, whose task would be to take products through technical approval at the various phone carriers. What’s intriguing about this particular posting, however, is its location. It’s in Kansas City, MO, which is coincidentally very near the headquarters of Sprint, in Overland Park, KS. Geography, I know.

A Carrier Engineering position right next door to the Sprint head office? That can only mean one thing, right? A Sprint iPhone? Well, not quite. A check of the job posting today, shows that the location has been modified to Santa Clara Valley, California. Was it all just a mistake?

Sadly, I have no insider information that tells me the location of the job listing was anything more than an error, but it was a curious location for a job with Apple. Personally I’m surprised that Apple hasn’t got the iPhone on nearly every carrier already, since it has done so in Canada, the UK, and elsewhere.

A move to Sprint and T-Mobile is inevitable, unless there’s some technical reason preventing them from doing so. It’s a logical next move. It all comes down to a matter of timing. At this point it might be better for Apple to wait until the iPhone 5 comes out and then add new carriers to the mix. That would give the new carriers a bit more buzz, and in turn give Apple those launch day lines that are so good for PR.

Article Via TUAW

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