Apple trying to get a grip on iPhone 4 demand in China

The iPhone 4 phenomenon is global, and China is evidence of just how huge the demand is for these devices. China Unicom sold 100,000 iPhone 4s in the first four days of sales. Crowds swarmed the store, and police had to be called to maintain the peace. The Chinese are eating these phones up faster than Apple can get them into the country. “Police officers with dogs were on scene to keep the peace after minor tussles broke out over people cutting in line.” It’s like the Beatles landing in the US.

So, to combat the issue, Apple’s adopted a reservation policy to help keep the massive lineups at bay. Customers are being asked to reserve one iPhone 4 per day online before they’re able to pick one up in the store. During pickup, they will be asked to provide identification before they’ll let you leave with your phone.

An Apple sales representative, according to MacWorld, has indicated that they’re only taking a limited number of reservations every day because supplies are still limited. I wouldn’t mind a similar process here in Canada. Having to randomly check in every day, then wait in line can be a little bit annoying.

Article via MacWorld

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