Apple announces new Game Center features for over 50 million users

Scott Forstall was proud to announce today at WWDC that Apple’s Game Center service now has over 50 million users. To put that number in perspective, it’s important to note that Xbox Live, the most popular console gaming network, has only 30 million users.

They later announced that Game Center would be getting some new features, including support for turn-based games, such as Words With Friends and Scrabble, and a new game download feature that allows users to download games that their friends are playing without leaving Game Center to go to the App Store app.

The new Game Center also boasts a new friend finding feature that works similarly to the way Facebook’s friend finder does. It allows you to find people to play games with on Game Center who are friends of your existing friends. Additionally, Apple announced a new achievements system for Game Center, which allows users to rack up achievement points to develop a rank on the network. This should help build the competitive spirit on the network!

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