Apple Airs New iPhone 5 Commercials

Apple has just aired two new iPhone 5 commercials that go under the name ‘Discover’ and ‘Brilliant’. These ads take after the new iPad ads that pick keywords from iOS apps and show off either an app from the App Store or an iOS function. Apple has chosen to go the same style with its latest round of iPhone 5 ads.

The ‘Discover’ and ‘Brilliant’ ads for the iPhone 5 use fun and fast words to show what the phone can do. They switch quickly from one word to an app or feature on the phone, making it look easy and useful. These ads tell a story about how the iPhone 5 fits into daily life, making things better and easier.

A lot of people online immediately started talking about them. Most like how creative the ads are and say they did a good job showing what the iPhone 5 can do. Some people also talked about whether these ads were different from what Apple usually does. This shows that people always expect something special even from Apple’s ads.

Both of these ads are available for viewing on Apple’s website and YouTube channel. We’ve embedded the ‘Brilliant’ ad above.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.