Apple Adds Driving Directions To Find My iPhone

Apple’s Find My iPhone iOS application has been updated with driving directions. These directions can be used to find your lost iOS device or Mac within the application itself. You can pull up driving directions by simply tapping on your device’s name on the map. When you do this, a popup will appear with your device’s name and status. On the righthand side of your device’s name, you should see a small image of a car. When you tap on this image, Find my iPhone will automatically bring up driving directions to your precious iPhone or iPad.
The update brings Apple’s Find My iPhone application to version 4.0.1. Users wanting to update to this version must be running iOS 6 as Find My iPhone’s driving directions are (unsurprisingly) powered by Apple Maps. Because of this, there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually get your forgotten iPad back as you may end up stranded somewhere in Australia, amid all the nasty spiders and dingos.
As of now, Apple’s Find My iPhone web client has not been updated with driving directions. However, you can still remotely lock, wipe and locate your devices via the iCloud web client.
Photo via: Arstechnica
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