App Store developers are the new rock stars according to sales

A lot of developers have ‘rock star’ status in the community. I’ve always been uneasy with treating some developers like they can do no wrong, but if sales are any indication, App Store developers might be the new rock star. According to Horace Dediu of Asymco, application downloads for iOS devices are above 30 million per day, and growing at an ‘increasing’ rate, which is very quickly catching up to song download rates on iTunes.

“Assuming that 10 billion will be reached this month… the app curve implies that apps will overtake songs within a few months. I suspect by March.”

How many fart apps do people need? I mean, seriously.

There’s likely no correlation, and given the rate that crappy music leaves the studio doors these days, it’s no surprise that music sales are about to be passed by app sales. But, I don’t think developers will be selling out stadiums to show off their latest applications any time soon. Well, except maybe Loren Britcher—that guy already has rock star status in the community.

Article Via Asymco

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