Angry Birds reaches 250 million mobile downloads

We really hate those pigs, don’t we? So much so that mobile device users have gone and downloaded the game 250,000,000 times. It’s worth noting the new milestone accounts for downloads across all mobile devices, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive, especially with the series having found its footing on the iPhone.

Rovio Mobile had only shared the 200 million landmark figure a month ago. A mere 28 days have passed since that announcement and a quick estimate puts that as a daily download rate of 1.79 million. It’s an astonishing growth rate and evidence that gaming isn’t just for FPS-fans on the sofa.

It’d be interesting to see the gameplay figures and how many hours that equates to. Can you imagine the productivity if we all put as many hours into curing cancer?

With Rovio sitting on what is essentially a goldmine franchise, it won’t be long before they release more tie-ins and the inevitable sequel. They’ve already announced their pig-offshoot, Wine and Dine.

Article Via Pocket Gamer
Photo Credit: Rovio Mobile

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