Angry Birds dev avoids buying into “own bullshit” while aiming for 1 billion fans

Those Angry Birds are everywhere nowadays; the new Simpsons if you will. Exploding on the iOS scene two years ago, the ludicrously popular series is expanding to mediums outside of the digital realm. Soft toys, clothes, even a future cookbook — its Finnish developer, Rovio, is putting everything behind the series.

Why? CEO Peter Vesterbacka suggests they’ll never be able to make another hit like Angry Birds, and therefore thinks it’s wise to stick with the bird that laid the golden egg. Putting it eloquently, he stated at the Casual Connect Seattle conference that:

Game makers buy into their own bullshit. You think you can make hit after hit. We know how hard it is to do that, so we are betting everything on Angry Birds.

Honest words from a man who’s probably lying on a bed of money and with an aim to make Angry Birds the first “entertainment brand with a billion fans.” Sounds like he’s aiming for a The Social Network of his own.

Via: Eurogamer
Source: Gamasutra
Image Credit: Kathypatal Sky

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