Amazon’s IMDb iPad App Gets Completely Redesigned

IMDb, the movie database company owned by Amazon, has just updated its iPad app, giving it a completely new design with a new look and feel that shows more movies, TV shows, and celebrities than ever before. The update gives IMDb a whole new user interface, improved navigation and personalized features.

The homepage of the app now lists more movies than before. It uses a horizontal scroller to list new and popular trailers and movies that are coming soon, which matches them to your location, film news, celebrity birthdays, theater listings, popular TV shows and featured photo galleries.

Users can sign in to the app to get personalized movie and TV recommendations. When you tap the + sign on the top of each movie and TV show poster, it gets added to your Watchlist. The Watchlist has a new full page that lets you order and edit and sort the films or shows you want to watch, which is in order of release date by default.

A Top 250 rank has been added to movie pages. The IMDb logo at the top of each page acts as a menu selector that opens a menu drawer so you can select different items from your profile and other information that is relevant for you. It is a sort of navigation tool that provides you with menu choices at any point within the app.

The iPad app has received the most attention, but Amazon also added a few updates for IMDb for iPhone. With both the iPad and the iPhone, you can share using Facebook functionality built into iOS. Information about TV episodes also lists a person’s filmography and you can select and browse image galleries by tapping a photo or a poster at any point in the app.

If you haven’t already, you may want to update your app (or download it if you haven’t yet). It’s a free download and update from the App Store.

Kaylie lives in Ottawa and got her first Mac in 2007 and is now a fan for life.