Amazon rolls out app for college students

It’s almost time to head back to school, and those heading off to college for the first time are bracing for the culture shock. The biggest shock of all, the price of textbooks, is about to get a little dampening due to Amazon’s new iPhone app aimed at college students.

Amazon Student gives students tools to not only look up the price of textbooks and other products, but also sell and trade-in their used stuff so they can regain some capital, mostly likely earmarked for beer, parties, and ping-pong balls.

Students can sell just about anything within the app, but instead of actually getting cold hard cash, Amazon is giving them gift cards, which is a little bit suspect if you ask us. The move is clearly an attempt to keep students locked into Amazon for their purchases instead giving them the cash so they can head off to Walmart to stock up on Tater Tots and Mac and Cheese.

Ah well, I guess Amazon money is probably worth more than the USD at this point, so it’s not a complete loss, is it?

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