Facebook’s Chat Heads Will Soon Adorn iPhones With New Jailbreak Tweak

A brand new, and yet to be released Chat Heads tweak for jailbroken iPhones is about to hit the Cydia store. According to the developer behind the tweak, jailbreakers will be able to rock Chat Heads the way it was meant to be experienced — operating system wide in iOS. Chat Heads, the be feature behind Facebook’s Home interface for Android devices, lets users engage in communications and text messaging with other Facebook friends from anywhere on the phone.

If you’re thinking the tweak will kill your system resources, fret not. Adam Bell, the developer behind the tweak, doesn’t seem to think the tweak will be much of a problem:

From an interview with The Verge:

The hardest part was getting this all to render on top of everything else,” Bell says, which means Facebook is always running on your phone. Apparently, Bell’s tweak doesn’t take much of a toll on battery life. “It doesn’t seem very resource intensive,” he says. “Only when you move the Chat Head is it actually doing anything.”

If you’ve been thinking of dropping your iOS device for an HTC phone that supports Facebook Home, you may want to consider jailbreaking and running this tweak first once it’s released to the public. It’ll be a cold day in hell before Apple lets Facebook and other developers do this kind of thing with iOS, but if you’re adventurous enough, and want to take Chat Heads for a spin, you now have some options that don’t include buying a new phone.

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