Access Siri right from your homescreen with SiriBoard

Do you find holding down the home button to be a strenuous task? Would you rather tap an icon like everything else on your iPhone? Then if you have a jailbroken device, you’re in luck! Developed by FreeManRepo, SiriBoard lets you launch Siri straight from your homescreen via a scaled down version of its logo as an app icon. Just tap it and your personal assistant launches. Although it looks out of place with its circular shape in comparison to the regular rounded-edge square icons, SiriBoard launches Siri faster than having to hold down the home button. In other words, it works – well.

SiriBoard requires a jailbroken device running iOS 5 to be installed. If you have QuickSiri installed on your iPhone, SiriBoard will launch the assistant in fullscreen as you’d expect. And if you’re all about pimping out your Siri experience to the fullest, FreeManRepo also has LockAssistant for launching the lady from the lock screen without the home button.


Via: modmyi

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