Ever wonder why it’s always 9:42 in Apple Ads? Yup, there’s a reason for that.

Apple is known for its precision and having a reason behind everything. Now we all know how precise they can be. Or do we? Have you ever noticed that in all nearly all of Apple’s iPhone ads the time is 9:42am? No, it’s not because the ad guy has a serious case of OCD. To explain, former Apple executive Bob Borcher said the following in a recent presentation on the job market:

If you ever see an Apple ad, print or TV, you look at the time and it’s always going to be 9:42 — 9:42 is when we launched the iPhone.

Interesting, right? However, in some shots on Apple’s site we see 9:41. Maybe there are some discrepancies on the seconds? Nevertheless, this just goes to show that the Apple boys are really in touch with their roots.

Via: BusinessInsider

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