4G Coverage Map Over At CNN Money Paints A Stark Picture For AT&T

Working from home today has made me realizes two things: first, offices are overrated; second, the carriers are slacking way too much with their 4G, and in some cases 3G, coverage. An interactive map over at CNN Money demonstrates just how spread out LTE coverage is on each of the major US networks. Long story short, if you’re on AT&T or Sprint there’s a good chance you’ll be rocking 3G full-time on your brand new iPhone 5.

We’ve overlayed the map from CNN Money so you can compare the three carriers. As you can see, Verizon is absolutely dominating the other carriers when it comes to LTE 4G compatibility throughout the USA.

  • Bright blue dots: Verizon only
  • Pink dots: Sprint only
  • Green dots: AT&T only

The rest of the random colors ranging from dark blue to a deep purple are a mashup between a couple of carriers in the same locale. If you want a more accurate look at each of the carriers, head on over to the CNN site and look at each map independently. This map illustrates exactly why there’s so much buzz right now around iPhone 5 customers jumping ship from AT&T to Verizon. It’d be interested to see a similar map for Canada and other iPhone 5 countries.

One thing is for certain. If all things are equal, and you’re looking for a new carrier, you may want to deeply consider Verizon, especially if LTE is a necessity for you.

Hat tip to Alex Heath for the find

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