4.0.1 released to the wild, as well as an iPad update

The rumours were true, and 4.0.1 is upon us, a full day before Apple plans on addressing the nation at an exclusive media event tomorrow. While the update notes are as terse as normal, Apple does make a direct mention of “a new formula to determine how many bars of signal strength to display”. That’s Apple’s way of saying, “we updated your signal strength indicator.”

There’s still a lot of trepidation amongst iPhone 4 users about whether or not this will actually fix the grip of death issue that’s been plaguing small subsets of iPhone 4 users. If anything, it should at the very least, accurately indicate just how crappy the AT&T network is throughout the US. While we don’t have access to the iPhone 4 up here in Canada, we’re guessing that the update is going to be showing a lot of those death gripers just how terrible coverage in their area. Instead of dropping 5 bars in signal strength, they might now go from one bar to zero. But, we’re speculating, and we’ll keep you posted with updates as others start figuring out just how 4.0.1 has changed their devices

Also of note is the iPad update to iOS 3.2.1. The update includes improved Wi-Fi connectivity, resolution of the copy and paste problems with PDFs, fixing some video playback issues, among other things. This update does not bring the iPad to iOS 4.0, and the features from iOS 4 are missing. Apple’s not expecting to bring iOS 4.0+ to the iPad until the fall of this year.

If you want to update your iPhone 3G, 3GS, or 4, you can open up iTunes, connect your device, and click the update button.  We’d recommend you do that.

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