Really? 1234 is the most common iPhone passcode

Haven’t you guys seen the cult-classic film Hackers? I mean, we all knew love, sex, and god were the big three passwords thanks to the Plague, but 1234? That’s a new one. Either it was an oversight on the part of Fisher Stevens’ character, or the writers thought people were smarter than using 1234 as a password. I’m hoping it was an oversight, because as it turns out, 1234 is the most common password for the unlock passcode on the iPhone.

Seriously, 1234.

Amitay, creator of the iPhone security application Big Brother Camera Security, “added a feature that would anonymously capture passcodes to unlock the app itself.” The result was a collection of 204,508 passcodes, and the findings are pretty hilarious. I spend a lot of time telling people that this generation of technology users are far more savvy than previous generations, but it turns out that 8,884 people didn’t get the memo.  The password 1234 came in first, with 8,884 uses as a passcode combination, and 0000, 2580, and 1111 came in at second to fourth place.

So here’s a PSA for you — change your passcode to something other than 1234, 0000, 2580, 1111, or yours or anyone else’s birthday. You’ll thank me for it when you lose your phone in a bar.

We set up a random number generator to spout off some completely random numbers for you. Click here, and you’ll get some assistance on keeping it random and more secure.

Article Via The Next Web

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