100 Cameras in 1 brings Game Center achievements to iOS

People are obsessed with achievements these days. I personally never understood the need to ‘unlock’ achievements, but I’m clearly in the minority. Achievements are everywhere thanks to apps like Foursquare, and countless other video games, but we can now add photography applications to the achievement mix.

100 Cameras in 1 is a digital mashup of Camera+ and Foursquare. The application lets you hipsterize your photos like countless other application on the App Store, as well as unlock a bunch of achievements through Game Center.

Achievements include things like saving a photo with each of the presets, taking a photo of a cat, and other equally awesome and bizarre scenarios.

The applications badge/achievement system could use a bit more polish, and a greater incentive to actually strive to complete achievements, but on the whole the application is pretty nifty.

If you like Camera+, Hipstamatic, or Instagram you’ll probably like 100 Cameras in 1. I’m not a fan of the application name, and it probably screams “spam” to a lot of people, but I assure you, this application is worth a try.

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