UK Court Decides Samsung Tablets Do Not Infringe On Apple Designs

Legal battles between tech companies have been going on for some time now all over the world. Most recently, a UK court has ruled in favour of Samsung. The High Court of England and Wales has decided that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Galaxy Tab 8.9 do not infringe on any of Apple’s designs and all have obvious differences from Apple’s iPad.

This is turning out to be an unlucky streak for Apple, as just last week another tech company, HTC, was also found not to have infringed on Apple’s patents.

Samsung has given a full statement to Pocket-lint, describing how all three of their Galaxy tablets have recognizable differences from the iPad. Apple argued that the tablets infringe on a number of their designs, including ‘slightly rounded corners,’ ‘a flat transparent surface without any ornamentation,’ and ‘a thin profile.’ The High Court dismissed these arguments, referring to 50 pieces of prior art and products that were introduced before 2004. The court even suggested that a number of Apple’s designs lacked originality.

The court also noted a number of differences between the iPad and Galaxy tab devices, including ‘differences in the front surface design and in the thinness of the side profile.’ The biggest difference noted by the court, however, is the rear surface design, where Samsung clearly differentiated its tablet with ‘visible detailing.’

Apple has yet to comment in this ruling, but this is obviously a big win for Samsung as their tablet devices can remain on sale in the UK.

Source: Pocket-lint via SlashGear
Image Credit: The Epoch Times

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