Top 100 Newsstand Magazines Clearing $70K Per Day

Just how successfull is Apple’s Newsstand? A new report from Distimo has revealed that the top 100 Newsstand publications are already making $70,000 USD per day:

The category launched only six months ago, however more than $70K USD is already being made daily by the top 100 grossing Newsstand applications in the United States. This is significant as the sum of the revenue from the top 200 top grossing applications in each country was 2M USD

Surprisingly, the top five grossing Newsstand applications are The Daily, NYTimes for iPad, The New Yorker, National Gerographic, and Cosmopolitan Magazine. Given the savvy nature of iPad users, we would have expected publications like Wired to top the list instead of a magazine like The Daily.

For a catergory of applications that many speculated wouldn’t do well as a digital format, Newsstand seems to be cleaning up quite well. I personally subscribe to Fast Company, Wired, and The New Yorker on my iPad instead of print editions.

What about you? Given up any print subscriptions for digital formats?

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