The new iPad is on its way to China


If you live in China, we have some good news for you. It looks like the new iPad is well on its way to being available in China.

Michael Kan:

The iPad device was granted the China Compulsory Certification by the China Quality Certification Center according to the regulator’s website. The certification is a mandatory stamp necessary for Apple to sell the device in the country[…] 3G versions of Apple’s iPad will still need Chinese regulatory approval for a network access permit, according to experts.

What’s really impressive is how aggressive Apple is getting with worldwide launches. Considering how long it took for the iPhone to make it outside the US, the average wait to see new iDevices in your country of choice is getting to be incredibly short. Once again, Tim Cook’s expertise at managing the supply chain is truly making a huge difference. Apple isn’t just thinking about the current market — they are thinking of all of the possibilities that the burgeoning middle class of places like China and India could hold.

Are you happy with Apple’s worldwide strategy? Is it tough watching the Western world get products first, or are you even more excited when they hit your country? We’d love to hear from our international readership, so please take a moment to comment below this post. Alternately, hit us up on Twitter. Our handle is @macgasm. I hear the twitters work all around the world. PROGRESS!

Source: ComputerWorld

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