Some Apple Stores Might Exchange 3rd-Generation iPad For New Model, Extending 14-Day Return Policy

Good news for those who recently bought a third-generation iPad and were blindsided by Apple’s announcement yesterday of a fourth model so soon. Customers who purchased a third-generation iPad within the last 30 days might be able to exchange it for the newer model at select Apple Stores.

The fourth-generation iPad received a few minor updates compared to the third-generation model, like getting the Lightning connector and speed improvements. While some people might not care about these, there will be plenty who’ll want to take advantage of this exchange policy and get their hands on the newest version.

CNET did some digging around and found that the manager at a Stockton Street store in San Francisco said that “this specific store” would allow those who purchased a third-generation iPad within the last 30 days to exchange it for the fourth-generation iPad. She said that unless the iPad showed “serious signs of wear-and-tear, the usual 14-day return policy would be waived.”

So what other stores will let you do this? The Stockton manager said, “We can’t speak to other stores’ policies – this is something our store has decided to do.” So just call the Apple Store closest to you and see if they’re doing the same thing and maybe you’ll be able to exchange the old iPad for the new.

Apple’s done this sort of thing in the past. We wouldn’t be surprised that this is actually a policy company wide. If you recently bought a third-generation iPad, we’d recommend going down to the closest Apple store and seeing if you qualify.

Image Credit: Trusted Reviews

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