Reports of iPad 2 backlight and LCD issues surface

Ipad 2 backlight bleeding

Reports have been surfacing of some quality control issues on Apple’s new iPad 2. According to Engadget, some users are seeing some backlight bleeding around the edges of the LCD.

This issue manifests itself as bright spots around the edges, as seen in the image above. Adjusting the backlight and the image on the screen makes the issue more or less noticeable.

112948-iphone_4_discoloration_3.jpg The second issue is that some users are seeing yellow spots under the glass. These are believed to be due to the adhesive under the glass not drying all the way before shipping. This is most likely due to the fact that Apple seems to be shipping new devices as fast as they can be made.

If the yellow spots are similar to what happened on the iPhone 4 last summer, they should go away with use. The backlight issue is probably best handled by making an appointment and visiting the Genius Bar for a replacement.

If you’re seeing either of these issues, we’d love to hear about it. Sound off in the comments, and toss some pictures in our Flickr pool.

Article and Images Via Engadget and Mac Rumors

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