Remember Scott Wilson’s LunaTik Kickstarter record? He’s doing it again with LunaTik Touch pen.

Scott Wilson wants to do it again. Last time we saw him, he made LunaTik watch kit, a case that turned the just redesigned iPod nano into a stylish, wearable watch. The project was funded nearly $1 million, breaking all KickStarter records. Now he’s back. His new endeavor? Make a pen that works on both paper and tablets. It’s called the LunaTik Touch pen.

The idea sounds impossible at first, but then again, impossible doesn’t really exist in Wilson’s vocabulary. Wilson plans for the dual-mode pen to work on both paper and touch screens without any major adjustments. How? The LunaTik touch pen has a pen integrated into its tip.

“We work between Moleskins and the iPad quite a bit and have to juggle having a stylus and a pen,” says Wilson. “It was, like, ‘Why don’t we just combine them?’ And then we were like, ‘Well, why hasn’t anyone combined them?'”

Together with his Chicago-based studio, Minimal, Wilson figured out a design that would have a ballpoint extend through the rubber nib of the stylus. The pen’s body, one made from aircraft-grade aluminum and one in plastic, houses a gel-ink roller-ball cartridge, and the silicone tip has been “calibrated to glide smoothly across a touch screen.” In other words, this is a genius pen that will solve a small but annoying problem — carrying a pen and stylus.

As expected, Wilson and his team have chosen Kickstarter to house their project. Their goal? A mere $75,000 in two months. However, I have this tiny feeling that they’ll pass it in a week, but maybe that’s just me. Or, maybe it’s the fact that they’ve already met more than half their goal – in one day.

Want to add to the rapid success? Check out their Kickstarter project page.

Via: FastCompany Design

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