Proview seeking $2 billion from Apple for iPad

The day after a court ordered a ban on Apple iPad sales in part of China, Proview (creators of the Internet Personal Access Device dubbed IPAD) has stated that it is willing to negotiate with Apple searching for “proper” compensation to allow it to use the name iPad in China.

Now, you are probably wondering what Proview considers “proper” compensation. According to the NASDAQ, the company is seeking the hefty sum of $2 billion for use of the trademark.

Apple, claims that is had already purchased the rights in 10 countries including Taiwan, and states that it has the evidence to support the statement.

If Apple has the evidence (including emails from Proview’s legal staff), then this case could be done shortly; however, if Apple is unable to prove it has purchased the rights, it could see sales being banned in more cities, including Shanghai, which would be the biggest hit to sales yet. Even worse yet, if Apple loses the case and refuses to pay Proview for use of the trademark, it could face an export ban in China, causing a giant rift in the supply of iPads around the world.

Source: Times of India
Via: TNW


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