Need A Laugh? Check Out Punch, A Humor Magazine For The iPad.

If you can stomach having a magazine application on your homescreen instead of in Newsstand, you’re going to want to check out Punch! Culture Shelf from Punch Media. The magazine application is filled with such crude humor and culture commentary that the application comes with a 17+ rating. Just our kind of thing.

The concept: doing away with a website and print magazine and instead heading directly to tablets. Instead of a table of contents, there’s a culture shelf (think Newsstand with article icons), and its influences — The Daily Show and Spy Magazine — are a pretty big tell about the kind of content you’ll be looking through with the magazine.

Currently the application is free and available on the App Store. They do seem to be under a pretty heavy load, and the app seems pretty slow to load, but rest assured, the app actually works.

Sidebar: Apple, get your shit together. Why is Punch! showing up on my homescreen and not in Newsstand? I know the process is arbitrary and your approval process is tighter than security at Fort Knox, but damn, just put this in Newsstand already.

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