Microsoft ends up inadvertently buying Madison students iPads

It’s probably the last thing Microsoft thought would ever happen, but it has happened nonetheless. It seems that money has been going directly from Microsoft’s pockets to Apple’s bank account. Using money from a settlement with Microsoft,  a Madison, WI, school decided to purchase iPads for its students.

The school board plans on purchasing 600 iPads for students this year, and another 800 iPads for next fall, all with cash from the settlement:

In December the School Board approved a plan to divide $2.1 million of the settlement among the schools with each getting $85.09 per student. Some schools chose to spend that money on iPads while others spent it on laptops, smart boards, projectors or other technology upgrades.

Something tells us that Microsoft hasn’t anticipated lawsuit winners using its cash to purchase products from its competitors. I wonder how many schools are going to be lining up with their own lawsuits now, hoping to pull off the same kind of coup.

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