Last Friday it was reported that the LTE iPad mini was expected to ship in five business days, but the cellular-capable versions are shipping sooner than expected, and many are seeing delivery dates of this Friday, November 16.

Customers who pre-ordered the LTE version of the iPad mini models have started receiving shipping notices, with a range of delivery dates. The earliest of the pre-orders are seeing the devices arriving in the U.S. as early as this Thursday, but not arriving until Friday or the following Monday.

The Wi-Fi only iPad mini model launched earlier this month alongside the fourth-generation iPad. Apple recently announced that together the two devices sold more than 3 million units over the launch weekend.

AT&T is also expected to start selling the LTE iPad mini version on Friday, probably alongside other retailers, including Apple. AT&T is offering a $100 discount for buyers who sign up for a two-year contract, even with the $10 tablet add-on package for a Mobile Share plan.

Image Credit: Mac Rumors