iPad Mini Rumors Still Making The Rounds In Taiwan

Miniature iPad rumors refuse to die. According to a report straight out of Taiwan, Apple is getting ready to release a smaller iPad in the third quarter of this year. The report states that the smaller iPad will cost approximately $249 to $299, and that it will be released to combat Windows 8 tablets and the cheap Android tablet market.

The report reads (translated from Chinese):

The news that Apple to suppress is about to commence in the third quarter, the counterattack Windows 8 army, the iPad Mini will be dishing out about 249 ~ $ 299 low price, and supply chain issued to those firms shipment targets more than 6 million units this year … The industry’s rumored Apple iPad Mini supply chain has finalized the third quarter shipments, estimated 6 million shipments to the end point of view, outside the assembly, the appearance of the chassis are arranged by the Hon Hai Group, the new co-operation in some parts partners. In addition to the previous markets confirmed AUO and Shuo Following the New iPad this year, has re-received the iPad Mini Order.

We should note that the original article cites ZDNet: Ni Austria as its source, but fails to provide a link to any article or commentary. We couldn’t find the original source. The report also seems pretty suspect, but we can’t deny that we’ve been hearing more and more about an iPad mini being released in the coming months.

That said, we’re still not sure that it makes much sense. If anything, and this is just a hunch, we’d like to see the iPod touch get a little bigger to help differentiate it from the iPhone. The iPod touch can stand to gain a few more inches, and it would certainly make the device a gaming epicenter in the home, letting it compete directly with the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.

Via: Kotaku


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