iPad accounts for 97% of U.S. tablet web traffic, 89% worldwide

According to a new comScore report, Apple’s iPad is the number one tablet  for surfing the Internet.

Worldwide, the iPad makes up 89 percent of all tablet web traffic, with an astonishing 97 percent share in the United States.

Additionally, in Canada, the iPad accounts for 33.5 percent of all non-computer web traffic, which includes traffic from smartphones such as the iPhone. In Brazil, 31.8 percent of non-computer web surfing is done with Apple’s tablet.

With more Honeycomb-based Android tablets coming out this year, as well as HP’s webOS-powered TouchPad, the iPad is about to gain some more competition, but these numbers prove what many have been thinking — it is going to be super difficult for anyone to catch up with Apple in this market.

Article Via Mac Rumors

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