Sonos iPad App Gets The Retina Treatment

Sonos, the iPad app that lets users control all of their music in every room of the house, has gotten the Retina treatment. Updated just today, Sonos now supports Retina screens.

For those that don’t already know, Sonos lets users manage their iTunes library, the best online music services, shows, and podcasts, and thousands of radio stations around the world on the multi-pane view. Playlists can also be created within the app to stream to every room in the house. What’s really cool is that users can play different songs in each room or play all the same songs while adjusting the individual volume of each player.

Although a minor update, the app now provides high-resolution graphics designed for Retina display devices, giving the Sonos iPad app a crisper image. Also included in this app is the ability to control the music volume of Sonos with iOS device volume buttons.

Hopefully the desktop version of this app will receive the same treatment soon. Check out the new and improved Sonos app for iPad in the App Store now and enjoy a better looking music player.

Image Credit: Pocket-Lint

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