Images Of iPad Mini Display Leaked

A lot of pictures of the rumored iPad mini have surfaced in the last month or so and with the media event confirmed for October 23 the excitement over the new, smaller iPad is only growing. More images have leaked today, this time showing the iPad mini’s display.

In the photos, the iPad mini’s display measures 162 mm x 124 mm, which works out to be the same 4:3 aspect ratio of the full-sized iPad. The photos also show the battery, which is similar to previous photos of batteries alleged to have come from the iPad mini.

According to ETrade Supply, who posted the photos, the data shown on the battery in the photos indicates that the iPad mini is supposed to use this 16.7Whr battery running at 3.72V. Compared to the iPhone 5’s 5.45Whr, the iPad mini battery is three times bigger.

Take a look at the pictures below to see what we can possibly expect on October 23.

Image Credit: ETrade Supply Blog

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