Images claim iPad 3 will have an A6 quad-core processor with LTE support

It’s February and that can only mean one thing: even more rumors of the iPad 3. Some can be thrown out the second they reach your ear, but some make you ponder their authenticity a bit. Such is the case with a source claiming to be in possession of an iPad 3 prototype. They contacted BGR and provided them with images containing details about the iPad 3. Bizarrely, they took a picture of the screen, instead of, you know, the actual iPad 3. Wouldn’t someone who was willing to leak a screenshot of a developer model of an iPad actually take a picture of that iPad? It’s mind boggling, and I digress.

iBoot, a dev and debug tool, was used to output some details about the iPad 3. From what they got, BGR concluded the following:

  • The model numbers are J1 and J2, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + embedded GSM/CDMA/LTE support for all carriers.
  • An A6 processor with model number S5L8945X.
  • New processor will be a quad-core model, which we reported on last week.

So what do you think? Bogus? Or is this the real deal? I bet you can tell what we’re thinking.

Via: BGR

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