Griffin Technologies To Ship Survivor For iPad Air On November 1st

Griffin Technologies has announced that its popular Griffin Survivor case will be available for the iPad Air on November 1st, the date that the iPad Air launches.

This case has been developed to meet military standards to protect your iPad Air from the worst drops, falls, and scratches. The case’s frame is crafted from shatter-resistant polycarbonate and is coated in a shock absorbing silicone, and will be available in many color combinations including black/white, black, pink/black, blue/black, black/citron, purple, and blue/sapphire.

Aside from the Griffin Survivor case, Griffin also announced four more cases to launch later in November for the iPad Air: the Journal Folio, Back Bay Folio, Slim Keyboard Folio and the CinemaSeat.

The Journal Folio and Back Bay Folio cases are standard folio-style cases that can be used as three-position stands. However, the Back Bay Folio features a classier design and has a built-in handy loop for carrying a stylus.

The Slim Keyboard Folio is also a folio-style case, but it features a built-in Bluetooth keyboard for quick typing. The CinemaSeat, on the other hand, is meant to mount the iPad Air to the back of a car seat, making it a great entertainment device for passengers on road trips.

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