GetGlue Releases New Personalized Social TV Guide App For iPad

GetGlue, the social TV guide app for TV, movies, and sports, gives users a personalized TV guide right on their iPad. It recommends shows you might like and tells you which episodes are new, so you don’t hunker down on the couch, excited for the latest episode of Dexter or Breaking Bad, only to realize that you’ve already seen it.

GetGlue has 3 million users and more than 500 million interactions with its mobile apps. This includes check-ins, likes, and reviews of TV shows and movies.

The app focuses on discovering new content by providing a personalized experience, giving information and personalized recommendations for TV shows. GetGlue uses previous check-in data, likes, and ratings to determine which shows a user might like at any given time. You can also chat with friends through the GetGlue app while watching shows.

Users will get recommendations beyond just that night or even week. Updates and notifications can be received about upcoming television shows and premieres way ahead of the day it is set to air. GetGlue also gives information about certain types of events, like the score of a local basketball game or reviews for new movies coming out over the weekend. Users can also find new shows on streaming services like iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon.

GetGlue is available for free in the App Store, and you should definitely get it so you can stay up to date on your shows and find new shows you might like as well.

Source: Apple and TechCrunch

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