DuMont Turns Your iPad Mini Into A Tiny 1950s-Era TV

Do not adjust your TV: What you’re looking at isn’t a television from 1958. Instead, it’s actually an iPad mini and Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth speaker embedded in an incredibly cool home-built case called the DuMont.

Hardware modder Jeffrey Stephenson, builder of the DuMont, modeled his iPad enclosure after a TV maker of the same name. The case features a birch frame and an oak outer veneer. Jeffrey designed the case to “do no harm” to the electronics inside, and you can easily slide out either the iPad or Jambox is you want to use them separately.

Not bad, huh?  Visit Jeffrey’s site for more photos, and while you’re there, take a look at some of his other retro-tech creations.

Via Engadget

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