Crayola Light Marker For iPad, Future Of Coloring

It seems as though the days of coloring books and wax based crayons may be behind us as we further submit to our tech company overlords. Griffin has released a new product called the Crayola Light Marker for iPad, which wants children to leave behind their boxes of smelly crayons for one convenient and sleek looking electronic marker.

The Light Marker costs $29.99 and then works in conjunction with a free iPad app to give you a simulated drawing experience. Instead of actually pressing the marker down on the iPad’s screen, you simply hold the Light Marker in front of the iPad to draw as the tablet uses its front-facing camera to locate where the marker is located.

There is a free draw mode, a coloring pages mode, a connect-the-dots mode and a couple of other games and puzzles that can be played with the marker.

The device hopes to get rid of the hassle and mess of giving your kids a set of real crayons and can be ordered online here.

Unfortunately, it seems like the children of our future may never know the feeling of satisfaction that comes from digging out the perfect crayon color from a pencil case.

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