Delay Rumors Hint At Quality Control Issues For iPad Mini

Today was supposed to be the day invitations went out for Apple’s rumored iPad mini announcement. They didn’t and the man who fuelled this rumor, Philip Elmer-DeWitt from Fortune, has apologized. However, if you’re still doubting that the iPad mini is on its way, the blueprint from an Apple retailer should bring you back to reality.

Check out the sample image above of how iPad mini accessories will be displayed once in stores. While Apple Insider is unsure of which specific store this came from, they’re guessing it’s a major retailer like Best Buy or Target based on the design of the illustration.

Is Apple delaying the announcement because of another, bigger issue they are dealing with right now?

According to a supply chain report, Apple is having problems with quality control. The iPad mini’s display and chassis are allegedly going to come in silver and black-colored aluminum. That’s the same U\unibody anodized aluminum casing as the iPhone 5, which, as we are well aware of, is much more vulnerable to scratching. This could take Scuffgate to and entirely new level.

The challenge in the manufacturing process is said to be during the ‘anodizing’ phase, a finishing process where aluminum is put into a pool of chemicals and an electrical current is run through the acid bath. It basically produces a skin-deep layer that can easily be peeled off. Topeka Capital Markets Analyst Brian White says these “complex components” could delay the iPad mini for several months.

Source: iDownload Blog
Image Credit: Apple Insider

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