Apple Catches Up With Fourth-Generation iPad Demand

Leading up to the fourth-generation iPad’s official release on November 2, shipping estimates on Apple’s U.S. website were estimated at one week and had only changed to 3-5 business days in the last few days. Now it looks like Apple has caught up with the initial demand for the new iPad, as all models are now listed as in stock on the website.

Just yesterday Apple announced that 3 million iPad minis and fourth generation iPads had sold in just three days. Tim Cook confirmed that Apple is pretty much sold out of iPad minis, but it looks like the company has caught up with demand for the latest full-sized iPad, at least in the U.S. and Canadian online stores.

Tim Cook didn’t actually specify how many iPad minis and fourth generation iPads were sold respectively to make up that 3 million, but Apple is obviously having a harder time keeping up with demand for the iPad mini. Apple’s website stills lists the iPad mini as available to ship in two weeks, with some online stores in different countries listing the LTE models as available in mid- to late-November.

Image Credit: Apple

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