iPad Camera Connection Kit: As Cute as a Pet Rock but Much More Functional

I’ve always been an early adopter.  Take the Pet Rock, for example.  I bought one when I was a kid.  Yes, I did.  For those of you too young to know what a Pet Rock is, I’ve included a photograph.  Yes.  I still have mine, what of it?

My Pet Rock

What does this have to do with the iPad Camera Connection Kit?  Nothing, really, except that the teeny little manual that comes with the Camera Kit reminded me of my Pet Rock manual (of course there was an instruction booklet for taking care of your pet rock–you don’t automatically know how, do you?)

Pet Rock Manual and Camera Connect Manual

Now, to the connection kit.

iPad Camera Connection Kit Box

It’s pretty self explanatory what the Camera Connection Kit does (which is why the manual is so tiny and unhelpful).  In the darling little package are two items:  a connector for a camera USB cable and a connector for an SD card.  In typical Apple minimalistic style, the two connectors are beautiful. They are also really small–perfect for tucking away in your camera case or for losing them somewhere in the chaos that is your house.

Connector Choices
Connectors front view

When you plug the connector into your iPad, it immediately opens the photo app and shows the photos on your card (or camera).  This can actually take a really long time if you have lots of photos on your card (as I did).  You can opt to import all the photos or choose selected photos.

iPad with Camera Kit connected 2

Once the pictures are imported, you can have the iPad delete them from your card/camera or leave them intact.  Your pics are now available to you on the iPad.  It’s that simple.

Another view of iPad showing import selections

When I first tried the Connection Kit (on my husband’s iPad, since I don’t have mine yet), the app crashed.  I have over 300 pictures on my card, and after selecting a few to load onto the iPad, and then attempting to manipulate them, the app stalled and crashed. So, the iPad Photo app seems to be a bit buggy at this point, especially when there are lots of photos.

iPad showing delay in loading pictures

The Connection Kit, however, works like a charm.

The iPad Camera Connection Kit retails on the Apple Store for $29.00.  This purchase is absolutely a no-brainer if you do any photography at all.  Since the iPad functions as a high-quality photo viewer (though not editor), having the camera kit will allow you to display and enjoy your photos in all their pixelated glory.  Highly recommended.

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