Incoming call from Mom? Place fake calls with, you guessed it, FakeCall

Wanna get out of a meeting? Send yourself a fake phone call on your iPhone. A new app on the AppStore is selling for 0.99 lets you do just that. Set a person, time, and away you go. This sweet little app gives you about a hundred uses, but more importantly, makes you the life of the party. Isn’t that the reason you bought your iPhone in the first place? Be honest! It was for me.

Speaking of the fake calling apps, I think that FakeCall’s ease of use and intuitive setup process make it the best choice among similar apps. The ability to customize the caller ID gives that touch of realism, whether it’s a call from ‘Mom’ or ‘Doctor’. However, with great power comes great responsibility (well not really great, but you got the point). While it offers a playful escape from mundane moments, you should wield this tool with care, avoiding situations where its use could lead to misunderstandings or harm. Balancing fun with consideration ensures it’s used appropriately.

Quick aside: The appliation doesn’t actually make a phone call, so you won’t be charged those ridiculously high daytime usage charges.

[via Macworld]

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