Groceries in your palm

Groceries (version 2.0.4) makes grocery shopping high-tech and easy, so you never have to forget the sugar. Out of the box Groceries has a predefined list of groceries with brand names organized by aisle names. Once you make a list, you can take it with you or email it to someone else to take care of the fun task of grocery shopping. (yay! blatant sarcasm) Tried and tested it myself and it works great at the grocery store, one hand thumb swiping while pushing the cart and maneuvering through the aisles made my grocery run fast and efficient. If you have kids, who have turned your brain into mush, this is the perfect answer as you don’t even have to think, just read and swipe as you pick up the items.  I’ve been approached a couple of times in the store by curious onlookers and frustrated soccer moms, trying to cross off their lists on the kiddy seat. All wondering how I can make a sometimes tedious, mundane and frequent task of grocery shopping go like clockwork.

In a nutshell:

  • Multiple shopping lists (ie. Grocery, Home Depot, Sears, etc)
  • Fast creation and easy no mess (or miss) strikethroughs
  • Sexy UI, easy to read, well designed
  • Configurable and customizable in terms of # of taps, aisle order, names, items, etc

Overall, this is the best grocery/shopping list application there is out there, fully worth the $4.99
Looking forward to new features, with talk of cloud integration and price tracking feature.

Check out Groceries in iTunes

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