Google Chrome for Mac: Quick review.

Google has released an official developer preview of their Chrome Browser for Mac OS X. Chrome, like Apple’s Safari, is based on the open source webkit platform.

Google Chrome claims to be faster than any other web browser. I honestly cannot tell the difference. However, I do know it’s faster than Firefox when it starts up.

Chrome is a very slim with not too many frills web-browser. It’s very minimalistic, much like Google’s website and other google products. On the Mac Chrome uses the same webkit base components that are used by Safari. So when you go to install it, if you get a ‘cannot copy’ error, close Safari and Chrome will install without a hitch.

Chrome offers a few things that Safari doesn’t have. The first is themes. You are able to skin Chrome using whatever scheme you would like. There are some themes created by google, like the folders theme or the glow theme. All of the available themes can be found here.

There are some user generated themes as well. A couple examples include infected mushroom and super monkey ball. Here is a link to all of the artist themes.

Chrome is Google’s first foray into web-browsers. And for being their first try it’s pretty good. If you’re looking for an alternative to Apple’s Safari or Mozilla’s Firefox. You can obtain Google Chrome from here.

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